Mediation, a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), aims to assist two (or more) disputants in reaching an agreement.

Whether an agreement results or not, and whatever the content of that agreement, if any, the parties themselves determine rather than accepting something imposed by a third party*

Mediation is increasingly used across a wide range of situations from workplace to family and even communities.

The disputes may involve organizations, communities, individuals or other representatives with a vested interest in the outcome.

Mediators use communication skills and techniques to help the different parties involved try and reach an outcome with some agreement - although that does not always happen.

I had been responsible for the Mediation Team for a number of years and consequently became qualified as a mediator - with experience so far in both workplace and community mediation.

It can be a really useful way of finding solutions - so if this is something you would like to know more about please contact me for a discussion !

*Source: Wikipedia

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