Corporate Support


For over 14 years I have acted as a consultant to managers from many different companies both large and small – from people stepping out as new managers to Company Directors and HR Vice Presidents.

In addition I have been a company director and manager and so bring my own expertise and experience to bear to situations that you might be encountering.

Given the range of skills that I have I bring a unique approach to working with individuals and groups – and often “thinking outside of the box” can lead to solutions that you might never have discovered!


I first started offering training over 30 years ago and since that point have offered many subjects for both commercial and charity sectors. I would be happy to discuss with you any training needs you might have - and follow the link to the training page to get more insight.


With many years experience of both directing psychological trauma work as well as being involved I am well versed in understanding the impact of trauma on business and how it can affect staff. Often in our plans we know what to do with our hardware but are often left surprised by the psychological impact on a company. See the trauma page for more information.


As part of my work with Employee Assistance Programmes I was responsible for meeting the needs of ISO 9001 and in my time in that role successfully made changes to ensure the company met the latest demands. As a qualified Lead Auditor I would be happy to share skills in this area - see the Quality page for more information.


I took the time to complete a certificated course enabling me to deal with mediation services - see the mediation page for more information.

Please do get in touch if you feel you have a situation where an external ear and professional stance would be of use to you

Corporate Support

Barry White 0777 978 2456
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