About Me


I have been immersed in the world of work for over 40 years now - living in community as well as individually during that time. I left school and spent just over 11 years in the Army as a Musician - most of that spent in Germany ( and amazingly am still fairly fluent in the language! ) The Army gave me opportunities to work with people and encouraged me to study further - ironically leading me to leave the Army and pursue working with people - which I have been doing since 1976. I have a unique blend of skills both on the emotional, psychological, human side and the logical part of me that delights in web design and technology, standards and quality! I tend to follow my passion and interests so have become involved in a wide range of services for people generally - please contact me for a current CV.


Current Situation: Self employed

  • Counselling with trauma and other complex cases using Trauma focused SFBT/CBT
  • On site trauma work for several EAP Schemes
  • Trainer
  • Private Counselling practice



Memberships ( Current)

  • BACP ( Member)
  • UK Psychological Trauma Society
  • UK Association for Solution Focused Practice


  • Certificate of Qualification in Social Work - CQSW
  • Certificate of Qualification in Community and Youth Work - CQCYW
  • Certificate in Interpersonal Mediation
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling (University of Wales)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Solution Focused Brief Therapy (University of Birmingham)
  • Certificate in Psychotraumatology (ESTSS)
  • ISO 9001 Auditor and Lead Auditor
  • BA (Open University)
  • BD (Hons) (University of London)

At the centre of the Universe is a desire to receive and give Love

I have a place in this world that involves other people

I am not perfect but go on changing towards a better version of me

My journey has led me to Islam where I share love and receive Love

Need urgent support for your company?

Please do not hesitate to contact me - I try to leave some time spare so that I might respond to urgent requests.



Barry White 0777 978 2456
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