Solutions for people across a wide range of disciplines

How I work with people

Individual Services

I work on an individual basis according to need but particularly in counselling and coaching. As in all the work I do I concentrate on finding your personal resources that will build you up even more than you are now.

I have worked with children, young people and adults across a range of situations – click on the links below for further information:

Solution focused counselling

SF Coaching

Spiritual approaches


Corporate Services

I have been involved in business to business work for over 25 years and more particularly over the last ten years where that has been focused on supporting people at work. I have a wide ranging experience including roles as Director and Manager.

EAP Consultancy

Counselling and Coaching

Trauma & Trauma Support



Management Consultancy

ISO 9001 Lead Auditing


Solution Focused

Traditional problem solving techniques can be long winded and costly. By focusing on solutions you can reach your desired aims far more effectively and get people thinking “outside the box” which can bring exciting innovative transformations.

The approach is used across a wide range of disciplines and focuses on changing both cognitive and behavioural patterns.

Solution Focused Approaches

Helpful SF links



I bring to all of the work an empathy and understanding that is created out of many years of looking at myself and understanding people generally – bringing intuitive solutions to situations with a warmth and humour.

I continually strive to get even better at what I do and look forward to working with you either individually or with your company.