I have been working with trauma since 1987, helping people respond to situations in a way that helps and works for many. I stay up to date and have continued training with


UK Psychological Trauma Society


What is the best kind of trauma support?

I have spent many years researching and keeping up to date with developments in post traumatic stress and how to respond to that.


Corporate Support

Most companies want a counsellor on site straight away - but when bad things happen people are too much in shock to deal with a counsellor - it just does not help!

An approach called Psychological First Aid has been adopted in the UK ( and has been for some time with the US Veterans) which is essentially what it sounds like - helping people to adjust to a situation they may never have encountered before - normalising reactions, educating people on what to expect and helping people feel safe again.

It is a model that we used with individuals, groups and indeed whole communities with some success.

My experience was gained in situations like the London bombings and numerous other responses of different kinds - I am comfortable and calm in the middle of what can be very distressing circumstances


Individual Trauma Support

Since leaving the EAP I have continued my involvement in bereavement and trauma support in working with extremely complex situations supporting for example the families of murder victims across the whole of London.

I regularly go on site through a trauma agency and experience gained ranges from interventions now many years ago with the London bombings and more recently in the last 12 months have been involved for ten of those supporting people affected by the Grenfell Tower Fire in London.


If there is anything you would like to discuss with regards to trauma - then please feel free to get in touch with me.

Grenfell TowerGrenfell Tower

"Deal with each day as it comes - we do not know what will happen tomorrow"


"All the world is full of suffering - it is also full of overcoming"

Hellen Keller

"It is never too late to be who you might have been"

George Elliot

“My life has been full of trauma - my choice is to carry on and make life better”

Barry White

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